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Malt Whisky
All whisky sold by 35ml measures

Campbeltown Whisky

Springbank is distilled two and a half times from lightly peated barley - the malt is subjected to 6 hours drying over a peat fire and a further 24 hours with hot air. Springbank is a medium-bodied malt, with a distinct salty, briny note.
10 year old                                                            £2.80

A perfect introduction to the Springbank range. Whilst bourbon casks are mainly used for maturation, allowing the distillery character to shine through, a number of sherry casks are also used for added body. The light colour of this malt belies the richness of its character. Whilst the nose suggests a wide range of aromas, from citrus fruits to pears and a hint of peat, the palate excites even further with touches of smoke, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon and the salty tang we have come to expect from Springbank. Complexity is the key word yet it remains perfectly balanced from first sip to the full, rich finish.

Nose ; A good mix of spume, sweet fruit, leather, dried grass and light toffee.
Palate ; A smooth sweet start then a blast of flavour dried herb, salt spray, smoke, moss, toffee apple.
Finish: Very long, some coconut.
10 year old 100º                                                            £3.00

Powerfully sweet with a hint of peat, this is a good medium-weight Springbank, there's a growing fruitiness, especially pears. The swallow has smoke, and, something very unusual that I'd describe as an explosive after-finish! The nose is malty with lemon zest, bottled at high strength but of such maturation that there is only very slight nose prickle; with water there are sweet floral notes. Tasted, the dram is round and zesty with brine, a little sour and herby. 100º Proof has won universal approval!
12 year old                                                                       £10.50

One of the classic Springbank bottlings. This whisky contains a lot of product from 1965 and 1966 which were big production years at Springbank.
The whiskey shows a depth of flavour not seen in current Springbank bottlings, lots of vanilla, sweet fruit, marzipan, coconut and milk chocolate flavours combine to give a stunning whiskey. A real “Blast from the past”.
15 year old                                                                       £4.00

Dark, in the old style and an ace! As good as we have ever wanted from Springbank. The right amount of sherryness, Springbankiness and slurpiness. Ace. As the eye takes in the dark, russet colour of the 15 Year Old, the nose anticipates the rich sweet smell of the sherry casks used to mature this age of Springbank. The anticipation is rewarded as you remove the cork and allow the sherry aromas to drift out. However the sweet nose on this dram only begins to suggest the full range of flavours which emerge on the palate; dark chocolate, figs, marzipan, brazil nuts and vanilla all mingle to DRAMatic effect! Warming and elegant on the finish.
A truly classic Springbank that is best enjoyed after-dinner or with your favourite cigar
21 year old                                                                         £14.50
ABV - 46%

Rich , mature and full bodied with hints of sugared almonds and sweet peaches . Both malty and sweet well balanced with milk chocolate , honey , raisins and marzipan notes all initially evident . The finish is both long and satisfying with sweetness coating the palate. The maturity of the 21 year old comes from the high percentage of older casks used.

1989 13 year old Sherry puncheon   56.1%                             £5.00

1991 12 year old Bourbon barrel  56.6%                     £5.00

1991 14 year old                         53.9%                    £5.00

Bourbon Wood 12 year old @ 58%                                £5.75
Colour - intermediate
Nose - Full bodied, malty and sweet, without being sherried. An initially fruity nose develops toffee notes with a hint of vanilla.
Palate - Medium sweetness, becoming creamy before evolving into a sweet nuttiness, reminiscent of coconuts.
Finish - Medium length finish, leaving sweet floral notes on the tongue

Rum wood12 year old @ 54.6%                             £5.75
Nose: Sweetish. Fragrant. Smoky, with fruit behind. Like an applewood grill. Hint of salty sea air.
Palate: Soft. Marshmallowy. Sweet red apples. Pears. Hedgerow fruits.
Finish: Small explosion of spiciness. Peppermint.
Comment: More rounded and elegant than the earlier, 10-year-old rum cask. I enjoy the Springbank rum cask whiskies very much, though not at the expense of the more traditional expressions.

Port Wood 14 year old  52.8%                                                £5.75
Colour - Bronze, slightly pink
Nose - Very light and fruity, the port pipes have delicately influenced the nose. Left to breath, sherbet notes, mixed with malt, cream and dried fruits are all present, without overpowering the whisky
Palate - Sweet and creamy on the palate. Dried apricots, caramelised sugar and vanilla compliment each other in equal measures.
Finish - The creamy finish leaves a lingering sweetness.

Marsala Wood 14 year old  52.8%                                                £5.75

Longrow  Almost an Islay. A dram for the connoisseur.
The malt for Longrow is dried entirely over a peat fire with the spirit being double-distilled in the traditional Scottish style.
10 year old *     TR5                                                   £4.00.
The dried fruit and gentle smokiness on the nose of the 10 Year Old give little warning as to the bonfire of flavours which dance around the palate. The use of both sherry and bourbon casks for maturation gives an initial rush of both sweetness and spice before the peat smoke arrives to overwhelm the senses. Like all good fires the embers linger long after the flames have died down Typically Longrow is smoky, peaty, burnt twigs and then some great flowery fruity characters. Usually an ace.
Nose: Resiny. Piney. Peaty.
Palate: Piney. Stunningly fresh peat flavours.
Finish: Sweet, salty and peppery. Astonishingly long.
Comment: A beautifully composed whisky. Classic intense, Scottish flavours.

10 year old 100º     TR5                                       £4.50.

14 year old *     TR5                                                              £4.75
A unique tasting whisky, neat it has the nose more akin to Springbank rather than Longrow, not as peaty as expected. The taste is very different, very dry with many nut flavours and still not much peat. Water doesn't do too much, still quite closed but the nuts linger. A lovely whisky but not very Longrow.

Cask Strength Longrow 1992  57.2% 9 Year old                     £8.00
This younger than normal Longrow delivers slight smoke on the nose but when you actually taste the product you will appreciate the depth of smokiness redolent of a newly extinguished wood fire.
Straight from the cask to your glass this Longrow is best appreciated on a cold night in front of a roaring fire. The stuff of dreams.

Cask Strength Longrow 1993  56.8% 11 Year old                     £5.00

Cask Strength Longrow 1996  59.4% 10 Year old                     £5.00
Bond Reserve – matured in cream sherry butt!

Sherry wood Reserve 53% 13 year old                     £6.00
For the second bottling in the 'Wood Expressions' series the Distillery Manager, Mr. Frank McHardy, decided to use a 1989 Longrow which has been matured for 13 years in both fresh and refill sherry butts. The perfect seasonal dram, the Longrow Sherry Cask has a lush sweetness on the nose with milk chocolate, autumn fruits and strong hints of burnt embers all in evidence. Rich and oily on the palate, toffee apples and cloves dominate at first. The peatiness is not ‘in your face’ but appears instead as subtle smoky undertones, well integrated into the character of the malt.
Nose: Very restrained, nutty, sherry, with sea air.
Palate: Slightly sweeter, creamier, more rounded.
Finish: Almost a shadow of the nose.
Comment: Many blenders feel that second-fill sherry casks give a more balanced result than first-fill. This whisky is a lesson in that technique.

Tokaji wood Reserve 55.6% 10 year old                           £6.00
One for those who love Christmas time. The Tokaji casks have imbued this whisky with loads of Demerara sugar, treacle, flambéed Christmas pudding flavours and hints of sweet spices including cloves and cinnamon.
AGE 10 years old
WOOD TYPE 8 years in Refill Sherry/Bourbon then 2 years in fresh Tokaji
DISTILLED February 1995
BOTTLED August 2005

COLOUR Very dark, brown with a hint of green, Tokaji is a sweet Hungarian desert wine).
NOSE It’s Christmas time for your olfactory senses!!

PALATE The initial sugary sweetness soon passes, as butterscotch and..............could that be a certain brand of minty chocolate.....you know, the one with the bubbles?

FINISH A sweet and dry finish, with hints of peat, certainly not a typical Longrow,
In 2005 Campbeltown produced a new Malt Scotch Whisky. Springbank finished bottling its newest Single Malt on 31st September 2005. Hazelburn Single Malt Scotch Whisky makes history as it will be the first time a distillery has produced and bottled three single malts from the one set of copper stills. The new single malt is un-peated and triple distilled.
8  Year Old Cask Strength 57.4%                              £4.50

8  Year Old First Edition 46%                                           £4.50
Rich, dark and golden this is the first release of the “Triple distilled” Hazel;burn which was distilled during 1997 at Springbank.
Gingerbread and sherbert with chocolate orange notes on the nose.
The palate serves up loads of mixed spice followed by a lingering sugary sweetness, almost all the richness of Crème Brulee.

Glen Scotia Light for Campbeltown with a hint of peat, a good pre-dinner dram

12 year old  40%alc.                  TR ¾                                £4.50
Gingery and oily, plenty of Campbeltown sea air saltiness and a real out-door warmer.
14 year old                    TR3                                                   £5.00
Gingery and oily, plenty of Campbeltown sea air saltiness and a real out-door warmer.

25 year old                   £6.00

12 year old Cask strength 62%                                   £5.00
Interesting looking, dark Glen Scotia This one's hot an' spicy; a nose of slightly musty oranges - almost a Campbeltown signature. To taste, it is thick, all tongue coating with evidence of heavy sherry maturation from a very active cask. Earthy, very slightly smoky, sherry fans will love this, so it's an ace in their book.

15 year old Cask strength 57.8%                         £5.50
Matured in a sherry hogshead and bottled in February 2007, a wonderful whisky.

Cadenhead Classic Flavours 50%
     Classic Islay                                                                      £2.50
     Campbeltown                                                                    £2.50

Number 3 Bond                              £3.50
Cask strength malt bottled by Cadenheads in Campbeltown

The Rest of Scotland

Aberlour (10 Year Old)    TR3                                                                      £2.50
From Banff.”Rich, malty aroma. Hint of smoke on the palate”
Malty and spicy, soft and moderately sherried.

Aberlour a’bunadh   60%                                                    £3.50
Ace, Excellent! A distinctive Benylin (cough syrup) style, mouth filling and richly luxurious. Great value cask strength.

Ardbeg 10 year old                                                                 £3.50 not available
Unchillfiltered and at 46% for extra flavour and impact. This is a great fullsome peaty and seaweedy typically Islay malt with a good level of complexity.

Ardbeg Cask Strenghth 10 year old                                    £4.50

Arran                                                                   £2.50

Arran single Cask Malt  58.5%                                                                   £3.80

Bowmore             17 year old                                      £4.00

Smoky and sea fresh, malty and peaty. Bowmore OB 17yo 43%alc. The best expssion of Bowmore, sea breezes, delicately peaty, subtly medicinal, brilliant!

15 Year Old                                                           £3.80
One cask in six that goes into the fifteen year old is a new sherry cask, this apparently small ratio has produced a dramatic sherry style. A real honest old style whisky flavour is immediately apparent. Lots of sweet malt, digestive biscuits, butterscotch, tropical fruit. Lashings of oak and a sprinkle of sea spray and dry seaweed remind you of its 15 years maturing by the ocean. Islay without the hammer. Full of style and sophistication. It is a marvelous whisky, quite sweet & buttery and with the sea within.

12 year old Cask strength                                                                £4.50

Clynelish - Refil sherry 18yo 55.8%alc.                         £4.50

A beautiful Clynelish, everything the distillery offers. Bright, smouldering oak, honey from a rock and that all important peaty undercurrent, heaven and an ace.

Glenburn                                                                           £2.00

Glenfarclas              TR3-4                                         £3.30

15yo 46%alc. Big, sherried and complex. Bottled at 46% because it is the owner's favourite, and quite rightly so. Plenty of sherry that compliments rather than masks a good malty, slightly peaty, nutty blindingly complex yet balanced brilliance! Ace.

Glenfiddich       TR2                                                    £2.30
Now as a 12yo the world's biggest selling single malt is delicious!
Recommended if you don’t try something from Campbeltown.

Glengoyne               TR1                                £4.00

17yo 43%alc. - Light, spirited and early morning-ish. Master blender John Ramsay suggests this instead of a Port for the cheese course, very effective. Richly flavored, distinct apples, quite sweet, very impssive, ace.

Glen Grant             TR2                                                      £2.20
Dry, sweet and nutty. Herbal finish.

Glenmorange     TR3-4                                                                               £2.80
Medium with a sweet fresh finish with a hint of peat. An excellent malt Top selling malt in Scotland, and we know a thing or two! Spirity to the novice. Very, very complex and involved to the more experienced.

Glen Moray  TR2-3                                                £2.00
“An honest psbyterian dram” A fine all round malt, a p-dinner dram.
Drink with water for a great wine! Very drinkable and excellent value, hard fruit and chardonay with some balancing maltiness. Careful!

Glen Ord 12 year old   TR 2-3                                           £3.20
Good depth with a long lasting, delicious aftertaste.
Soft and flavorsome, spicy with some smoke. Does a brilliant trick of exploding on the tongue mid-taste and a long demanding finish. Excellent.

Glenrothes                                                     £4.20

1987 16yo 43%alc. Citrus, orange zest, vanilla notes.

Highland Park 18 year old                                                    £5.00
“If I smoked, I’d have this with a cigar” is how Michael Jackson described this great single malt. “It gains in richness, and spiciness: ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, fresh oak, leafiness, tobacco.”  Charles MacLean compares it with the popular 12yo; “(Heathery sweetish aroma, with wisps of smoke and flavour which starts with heather honey and finishes with dry peat). The 18yo is more succulent, fruitier, hotter on the tongue and sweeter overall.” (He also found a whoosh of chili-pepper in the 25yo!) For ourselves, we never really understood what the fuss about the 12yo was. Jackson described it as the ‘greatest all rounder in the world of malt whiskies’ but we thought it just fussy and confused. The 18yo put us straight. As with many things, in order to appciate one you need to experience the better and we now have a good understanding of the 12 as a result of experiencing the 18. Full-bodied, a rich deep sherry-wood bouquet, soft taste of honey first then smoky-tarry-peat, tongue clinging but not at all cloying, long warming flavorsome finish—clearly a great single malt. This is an exceptionally fine whisky, all the Orcadian hallmarks of Highland park are here – the smokiness, the peat, the heater honey and it is spicy from its long maturation – a delight to any malt whisky connoisseur.

Isle of Jura    16 year old                                        £4.00
Highland malt for drinking at any time. Smooth with subtle peaty traces
A little green about the nose but the soft, warming mouth feel and the round, gingery and malty flavour make this an excellent dram.

Lagavulin                                                       £4.20

1988 16yo Distillers Edition 43%alc. Taste rating: 5 - Dry, smoky, peaty, salty. Transferred to a Pedro Ximinez (a rich unctuous sherry that the Spaniards put on their ice cream!) cask for finishing to develop a more tarry and smoky character. Not necessarily better - but different - and has many fans.

Laphroaig    TR5                                                   £2.80
The biggest peat-monster on the block, revered by many yes not by most. Missunderstood or just too unruly?  Medicinal and well balanced peaty-smokey. An excellent after dinner malt

The Rich Spicy One               40%                                 £4.00
A new breed of yoof-style whiskies aimed at getting more to try a dram. Give it a try.

Royal Bracklea 20 year old 59.2%                               £8.00
Speyside  Fresh, grassy and dry

Tobermory          TR3                                                              £2.20
This was one of the most honestly blurbed malts when it was described as being 'suitable for mixing' but they have removed that from the packaging. A thin whisky, not unpleasant but for your friends not yourself.

The Macallan      TR3-4                   40%                                £3.00
Smooth, silky bouquet, a great masterpiece with a enviable reputation
Plenty of sherry but also some buttery, nutty and malt elements that maintain this as the standard for all other sherry matured malts.

Tomatin          TR2                                                               £2.20
A pleasant medium weight highlander, slightly sweet, slightly peaty and slightly spicy. I can't help getting a taste of tomatoes as well, (sorry to suggest that).

Old Pulteney          TR3-4                                                   £2.20
Amazing! So soft you can't feel it on the tongue you only taste it! Sea-fresh saltiness, slightly peaty with some oiliness and sweetness. Ace.

Speyburn-Glenlivit                          £3.50

Talisker                   TR5            18yo 46%alc.                     £3.80

The Talasker 10 year old was my first love, now I'm besotted by a more mature honey. Sensational! I tried this (18 year old) over a briny weekend a while ago and thought I pferred the 10 for it's uncompromising power but now, tucked up ashore, this is my new, more mellow, sweetheart. Ace.

The Loch Fyne Liqueur                                                         £3.00
Relaxing and Satisfying ~ as you’d expect of a liqueur with 12 year old Scotch Whiskies at its heart. Less sweet than other liqueurs, it has a warming aroma of deluxe Scotch whisky, spicy orange cake and a tiny whiff of log fires. Once tasted, flavours of chocolate-orange, whisky and coffee linger. The Loch Fyne is a pmium, full strength liqueur of 40% alcohol by volume. Created for whisky lovers seeking a sophisticated and complex alternative, it is superb on its own ~ even for those less enthusiastic about whisky


Comments largely stolen from the Loch Fyne Whisky web site, www.lfw.com

Their shop is in Inverarary, visit it on your way home………..it is worth it.

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